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  • Facilitator Guide to the Kenya County Budget Training Workshop Training Manuals
    Resources   |  International Budget Partnership (IBP) (All/General)  |   English  |   2016
    This brief guide is designed to assist facilitators in facilitating the Kenya County Budget Training Workshop
    Resources   |  World Bank (All/General)  |   English  |   2016
    OUTLINE OF THE PRESENTATION ? Introduction ? General strategy ? Organization al model ? Information and mobilization strategy ? PB consultations with communities ? Approval of the Budget ? Evaluation and Conclusion
  • Emerging process and results from 2 counties
    Resources   |  World Bank (All/General)  |   English  |   2016
    Pictorial look of the PB
    Resources   |  World Bank (All/General)  |   English  |   2016
    Makueni County Located in South Eastern side of Kenya ? Population - projected at 961,738 at year 2015
    Resources   |  World Bank (All/General)  |   English  |   2016
    STEP 1: Choosing the general strategy STEP 2: Preparation of the organizational model STEP 3: Develop informational materials and mobilization of citizens STEP 4: First public meetings STEP 5: Technical Evaluation of proposals STEP 6: Publishing of final list of PB proposals to be submitted to public vote STEP 7: Voting period or voting day STEP 8: Creation of spin-off or Voluntary Working Groups on the winning proposal(s) to better detail the project(s ) STEP 9: Approval of budget, and announcement of the formal ratification and inclusion of the project(s)/proposals in the Public Budget for the next year and evaluation of the pilot and (eventual) re-writing of rules for next year STEP 10: Monitoring of the implementation of proposals
  • Hot Topics and controversial points about PB
    Resources   |  World Bank (All/General)  |   English  |   2016
    Benefits of Participatory Budgeting increased tax revenue pro-poor expenditures improvement in poverty rates and water services long-term effects on infant mortality
  • Designing a process for participatory budgeting (PB)
    Resources   |  World Bank (All/General)  |   English  |   2016
    Only a percentage of any public budget will be allocated using PB
  • Defining Participatory Budgeting in Kenya
    Resources   |  World Bank (All/General)  |   English  |   2016
    What is Participatory Budgeting and in which Framework was it shaped originally? Definitions, main goals, principles and models
  • Participatory Budgeting: Strengthening Public Participation in County Planning and Budgeting
    Resources   |  Kenya School of Government (KSG) (All/General,All/General Nairobi)  |   English  |   2015
    Workshop held at the Kenya School of Government, 29-30 October 2015 On October 29th  and 30th , 2015, the Kenya School of  Government (KSG), in partnership with the Council of Governors, the Ministry of Devolution and Planning and the World Bank, hosted a workshop on participatory budgeting for county executives and senior officers
  • The Division of Revenue Bill, 2014
    Resources   |  National Government National Council for Law Reporting (All/General)  |   English  |   2014
    THE DIVISION OF REVENUE BILL,2014 A Bill for AN ACT of Parliament to provide for the equitable division of revenue raised nationally between the national and county governments in 2014/15 financial year, and for connected purposes ENACTED by the Parliament of Kenya, as follows
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