• Guidebook for Governors - Second edition
    Resources   |  World Bank (Nairobi)  |   English
    Kenyas devolution agenda is one of the most ambitious in the world, that will result in the historic transfer of services and funding to 47 new county governments, each with elected officials at four levels...
  • Financial Accounting, Recording and Reporting Module
    Resources   |  World Bank (All/General)  |   English
    The Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya assigns the National Government the function of capacity building of counties. This mandate of the National Government  has also been recognised and elaborated...
  • Model County Revenue Legislation - May 2014
    Resources   |  World Bank (All/General)  |   English
    To be effective, county legislation based on the model laws must fit into Kenyas overall legal and regulatory structure, and the model laws have been drafted accordingly. The handbook assumes that it is...
  • Devolution in Kenya: Opportunities and Challenges for the Water Sector
    Resources   |  World Bank (Nairobi)  |   English
    Devolution under Kenyas new 2010 Constitution has wide-ranging implications for the water sector. The Constitution recognizes that access to safe and sufficient water is a basic human right. It also assigns...
  • Kenya County Fact Sheets
    Resources   |  World Bank (All/General)  |   English
    Information and fact sheets of the Kenyan counties
  • Six Case Studies of Local Participation in Kenya
    Resources   |  World Bank (All/General)  |   English
    Kenyas new Constitution mandates a new era of public participation in government, particularly in the 47 new County Governments.  Despite the limited participation in decisions regarding the vast majority...
  • World Bank- funded Projects in counties (Kenya)
    Resources   |  World Bank (Nairobi)  |   English
    This booklet has been produced by the World Bank. Its purpose is to provide county governments, citizens, and other stakeholders with basic information on existing and planned World Bank-financed projects...
  • Accountable Devolution Program
    Resources   |  World Bank (All/General)  |   English
    1. The Bank has used GPF resources over the past four years to respond to Kenyas changing governance needs and opportunities. Most significantly, GPF support has enabled the Bank to scale up support on...
  • Practical Approaches for County Governments to Facilitate Budget planning
    Resources   |  World Bank (All/General)  |   English
    Kenyas new Constitution and supportive legal framework contain multiple provisions requiring both national government and counties to make information publicly available and consult with citizens in planning...
  • Devolution in Kenya: One Year On
    Resources   |  World Bank (Nairobi)  |   English
    The roll-out of devolution has been formally underway since March 2013 when county governments were established under the 2010 Constitution. County governments have since completed the first full budget...
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