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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2016
County Taita-Taveta

The 2017/18 County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP) is the fourth to be prepared under thisCounty Governments administration. This is an annual paper that shows the various fiscalstrategies the county Government intends to employ to meet its overall objective ofimproving the livelihoods of its citizens.The County Government is set to continue implementing its ambitious program ofcreating wealth and increasing the socio-economic status of the citizens. This will beachieved through implementation of deliberate strategies geared towards ending poverty inall its forms as well as empowerment of the community as outlined in the SustainableDevelopment Goals (SDGs).These broad objectives will be achieved through the eleven county priorities highlighted inthe County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP-2013-2017), County Annual DevelopmentPlan (2017/18) and the Transform Taita Taveta 2020(TTT2020) strategic Plan. Theseinclude:-1. Environmental management and Increasing access to water for domestic, livestockand irrigation.2. Ensuring food security and wealth creation through investing in value addition inagriculture, Livestock and fisheries Production.3. Investing in quality, accessible and affordable health care services.4. Ensuring quality education through development of ECDE and Library services5. Empowerment of Youth, women, and vulnerable members of the community6. Investing in physical infrastructure including ICT and alternative sources of energy.7. Promotion of tourism, trade and industry8. Land planning ,management and promotion of small scale mining9. Further decentralization for improved access and provision of services10. Enactment of enabling institutions (Policies and legal framework)11. Prudent management of finances and other resourcesAs outlined in the 2016 County Budget Review and Outlook Paper, the CFSP has alsoidentified both financial resources mobilization and overall budget execution as of majorconcern. The challenge of failing to achieve the local revenue targets witnessed in the pastthree Financial Years (2013/14-2015/16) continues to be a big obstacle in driving thecountys development agenda. Further, continued increase in recurrent expenditure withspecial mention of the wage-bill, have continued to compound the situation.As a build up to the 2016 CBROP, this CFSP proposes deliberate strategies and policies thatwill streamline budget formulation, local revenue generation and budget execution. Thiswill ensure synergy of all implementing departments and agencies and direct thedevelopment agenda of the county. Some of the policy recommendations include amongothers:1. Realign and revamp the Sector Working Groups (SWG) that will drive thedevelopment agenda in the county.2. Strengthening of the resource mobilization unit of the County.THE COUNTY GOVERNMENT OF TAITA TAVETA 2017 CFSP2017 County Fiscal Strategy Paper 33. Strengthening budgeting, monitoring, evaluation and reportingTo enhance resource mobilization to meet our development agenda, the CountyGovernment will continue to engage with the National Government and various Donoragencies to bridge the financial gap especially in critical areas of water, health andinfrastructure. Further, the County Government during the recently held Investors RoundTable received undertakings from Local and international investors to invest in severalother transformative capital projects/initiatives under the Transform Taita Taveta2020(TTT2020) strategic plan. These projects have a potential of generating significantsocio-economic improvements in the County. These include among others: Development offeedlots to promote commercial ranching; Establishment of modern abattoirs; Promotion ofgreenhouse technology and value addition; Development of commercial irrigation andmodernization of bus and lorry-parks.

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