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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2021
County Trans-Nzoia

The 2021 County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP) has been prepared in line with the Public FinanceManagement (PFM) Act, 2012 and its enabling Legislation and Regulations. It sets theframework that will guide the allocation of resources in the county in the MTEF period 2021/22-2023/24. The ceilings contained herein have been aligned with the countys developments asoutlined in the county development plans for the period.This policy has been developed in the background of a globally constrained economy resultingfrom the outbreak and rapid spread of Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing national guidelinesand measures outlined to contain its rapid spread and also develop quick response mechanisms tocushion Kenyans against the resulting social-economic impacts of the pandemic.Fiscal outcome for FY 2019/20 and the first half of financial year 2020/21 clearly indicates theneed to revise the fiscal framework contained in the current fiscal policy as well asreprioritization of the countys development agenda to reengineer the economy and ensure itsplaced on a path of economic growth in view of the adverse effects brought about by the Covid19 pandemic. This in turn has informed the departmental budget ceilings contained in this policy.In addition, these ceilings have been underpinned by the countys desire to providing an enablingbusiness environment for the private sector to thrive, to enhance access to quality social servicesincluding education, water and health care services, creating job opportunities to absorb the everincreasing educated county population, promoting value addition, ensuring sustainableagricultural practices, reducing poverty and enhancing incomes as outlined in the Medium termdevelopment road map: County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) 2018-2022.In the face of declining own resource revenues, delays in disbursement of grants from thenational government and development partners, this CFSP provides a balancing act in view ofreduced revenue base against increased cost of providing public services while ensuringadherence to Covid-19 containment guidelines as well as cushion the residents against the socialeconomic impacts of the pandemic.This Strategy outlines the medium term policies and strategies that the county government seeksto implement in order for it to live up to its mandate given the prevailing socio- economiccircumstances and in conformity with the fiscal responsibility principles outlined in the PFM Act2012 and the Countys development Strategic objectives as contained in the county developmentplans.The 2021 CFSP seeks to reinforce County Governments development agenda of improving thephysical and social infrastructural facilities, increasing land productivity and enhancing farmerincomes, enhancing access to social amenities, providing effective and efficient social services,harmonizing the planning processes, empowering the marginalized and the vulnerable groups,improving the business environment, building the capacity of MSE and Jua Kali sector,promoting agricultural value chain and value addition and developing public service structuresthat deliver efficient services among other efforts in the spirit of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.3 | P a g eThe proposed programs and projects aim at addressing the county development challengesand constraints. Further, the identified sector priorities envisage to leverage on green economyand mainstreaming cross-cutting issues such as climate change; environmental degradation;Disaster Risk Management (DRM), HIV/AIDs; Gender, Youth and Persons with Disability(PWD), Ending Drought Emergencies (EDE) among other cross cutting issues to be addressed.The fiscal framework presented in this strategy provides a strong basis for addressing the effectsof Covid-19 on our economy, promoting a sustained county development process that is alignedto the national development agenda including the The Big Four Agenda. To achieve theseobjectives however, this CFSP calls for fiscal discipline, adherence to the set countydevelopment aspirations as outlined in her development blue prints, transparency and publicparticipation upon which it has been anchored.

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