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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2016
County West Pokot

It is with great pleasure that the County Treasury presents the County BudgetReview and Outlook Paper (CBROP) for West Pokot County government for theFY 2015/16. This report has been prepared in line with Section 118 of The PublicFinance Management Act, 2012 which requires every County Government toprepare and submit a County Budget Review and Outlook Paper (CBROP).The CBROP provides an analysis of the details of the actual fiscal performance inthe previous year compared to the budget appropriation for that year, theupdated economic and financial forecasts with sufficient information to showchanges from the forecasts in the most recent County Fiscal Strategy Paper. Italso provides a description of how actual financial performance for the previousfinancial year may have affected compliance with the fiscal responsibilityprinciples, or the financial objectives in the County Fiscal StrategyPaper. CBROP 2016ensures there is effective linkage between policy, planningand budgeting .Further, it sets indicative ministerial ceilings for FY 2017/18 inline with key sector strategic objectives and priorities as set out in the CountyIntegrated Development Plan (CIDP) and the Annual Development Plan (ADP).Our commitment is to ensure that we realize the Countys goal of reducingpoverty and creating employment by focusing our expenditure on high impactprojects and programmer. In this regard, the need for continued fiscal disciplinethrough strategic planning, efficient resource management and prudentutilization of public resources is emphasized.Lastly, I want to assure our development partners and all other stakeholdersthat the fiscal responsibility principles and the financial objectives for the yearunder review were met.

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