Accountable Devolution Programme

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Publisher Governance Partnership Facility (GPF)
Year of Publication 2014
Category Papers and Articles Report
County All/General
Description  The Bank has used GPF resources over the past four years to respond to Kenyas changing governance needs and opportunities. Most significantly, GPF support has enabled the Bank to scale up support on the ambitious decentralization set in motion by the 2010 Constitution. Kenyas decentralization is among the most rapid and ambitious devolution processes going on in the world, with new governance challenges and opportunities as the country builds a new set of county governments from scratch. In parallel, the GPF has supported the strengthening of governance measures in selected World Bank service delivery and CDD projects, some of which in turn are feeding into decentralization from the bottom up. Finally the GPF has supported innovations, including Kenyas leadership on opening up government data. 
Tags Counties / General


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