Budget Implementation Review Report Half Year 2011/2012

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Publisher Controller of Budget, Kenya
Year of Publication 2012
Category Report Budget & Fiscal Plans
County All/General
Description The total revenue target for fiscal year 2011/12 is Ksh.789.5 billion (or 24.7% of GDP)
comprising of Ksh.713.6 billion of ordinary revenue and Ksh.75.9 billion of Appropriations in
Aid (AIA). Revenue collected during the first half of the financial year under review stood at
Ksh. 338 billion. The revenue collected over the period was below the target of Ksh. 351.8
billion expected to be collected. This development shows clearly the challenges of implementing
the 2011/12 Budget in the first half of the financial year.
The recurrent and development expenditures for FY 2011/12 for all the sectors were estimated at
Ksh.552.9 billion and Ksh. 398.6 billion respectively. The MDAs received Ksh. 239.9 billion
 and Ksh. 90.0 billion for recurrent and development expenditures respectively for the period July
to December 2011. For the same period the MDAs spent Ksh. 231.9 billion for recurrent
budget and Ksh. 70.2 billion for development activities.
In conclusion, there has been a significant shortfall in revenue collection due to the economic
growth challenges. The Ministry of Finance and the Office of Controller of Budget have worked
in partnership with MDAs to ensure that the priority areas receive funding in time. On average
the utilization of development funds by MDAs remains below expectation, a challenge that
Office of Controller of Budget needs to be addressed
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