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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2020
County Bungoma

The Constitution of Kenya (COK) elevates environmental quality to a basic rightfor all Kenyans. However, solid waste remains to be a key challenge in theattainment of a clean and healthy environment as stipulated by the COK.Bungoma County aims to tackle challenges posed by solid waste through theBungoma County Solid Waste Management Policy. The policy which has beendeveloped through a participatory process with the involvement of variousstakeholders has an overall objective of ensuring sustainable waste managementfor the County.The Bungoma County outlines the framework within which sustainable solidwaste management shall be undertaken. The Policy covers various aspects of solidwaste management as per the chapters in the Policy as follows;-Chapter One provides the background within which the Policy has been developedand highlights the process of developing the policy in addition to international andnational policies and legal framework that have influenced its development.Chapter Two provides policy direction with regard to solid waste management inBungoma County by outlining the goal, specific objectives and guiding principlesthat will underpin the implementation of the policy.Chapter Three clearly outlines policy framework consisting of the core policypriority areas and specific strategic interventions to be followed to achieve itsaspirations.Chapter Four outlines approaches to policy implementation. It also sketches thekey stakeholders and requisite institutions framework for effectiveimplementationChapter Five outlines the processes of monitoring, reporting and review the policy.It anchors the monitoring, reporting and review processes in the institutionalframeworks.

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