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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2020
County Bungoma

Water provision in Bungoma County has been a challenge due to the increasingpopulation and therefore demand. The County is unable to meet its water demanddespite being projected to have adequate water resources. This has partly beencaused by the County`s surface water resources quality and quantity beinggreatly affected by environmental degradation through encroachment, pollution,non- revenue water and poor management by water service providers.The County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) II 2018 -2022 identifies groundwater as a key source of water that should be explored if the County is to ensurecommunities access constant supply of water in the required quality and quantitiesdesired. Bungoma County has identified small scale water supply systems fromground water as one of the key strategies it has to employ in order to enhancewater provision. Qualities of ground water such as:- it is found almost everywhereand provides water on demand; its abstraction systems can be developed quickly;its capital costs are generally lower compared to surface water; ground watersystems are drought-resilient especially in large storage aquifers and its systems DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT, NATURAL RESOURCES, WATER AND TOURISM 4BUNGOMA COUNTY WATER DRILLING RIG POLICYface smaller transmission and storage losses than surface water systemsinformed the County`s decision.Therefore, as a result of ground water being one of the key water sources forBungoma County, water drilling will be prioritized in order to ensure communitiesaccess water. Water drilling for borehole construction is a good source of waterfor individual homesteads and even small water supply schemes. Drillingtechniques (compressor or mud drilling) vary depending on the ground formation.The methods of drilling vary however, the most common is rotary drilling thatbores vertically into the earth. It must be emphasized that water drilling mustadhere to international and national standards in order to obtain potable waterand also ensure safety standards are maintained during the drilling process.Hence the need for this County Water Drilling Rig Policy.

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