Bungoma Office Of The County Secretary And The Head Of Public Service

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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2019
County Bungoma

I am pleased to release the Succession Management Strategy and policy in recognition of thecritical role an effective County Public Service plays in supporting government to draw up andimplement its long term vision and development agenda.This strategy and policy is most timely given the ever increasing need for staff reorientation insuccess planning and management; new global commitments on sustainable developments andinclusive growth; high youth unemployment; changing expectation on service delivery by thecitizenry; technological improvements; financial demands and cutbacks by National Governmentand in Kenya, the implication of the new governance system of devolution.The aforementioned notwithstanding, the County Public Service faces a number of challengeswhich require attention if it is to realize its full potential of providing citizens with higherstandards of service delivery-the corner stone of its work. Key among these challenges issuccession management at both levels of Government caused by among others, an agingworkforce and shortage of staff, skills flight and brain drain particularly in the professional andtechnical cadres.The importance of effective succession management to the County Public Service cannottherefore be overstated. International research into the roll out of succession management inPublic Service environments has consistently highlighted the significance of human resourceplanning, competency based human resource management and integrated recruitment,selection, career progression and succession planning policies to achieve quality and efficiencyof the Public Service.The main objective of this Strategy is therefore, to initiate a proactive planning process involvingcritical work force positions by developing a pool of potential successors and encouraging aculture that supports knowledge transfer and employee development in the County PublicService .The interventions made in this Strategy and policy will ensure that the County Public Service:-embraces change as part of talent retention and succession planning strategy; has the rightnumber of staff in the right places and at the right time with the right skills, knowledge andattributes to perform various roles with utmost efficacy; mainstream Human Resource Planning(HRP) in all Departments; and assists individuals realize their career plans and aspirations withinthe County Public Service .It is therefore my desire that this Strategy will be implemented by all Department of the CountyGovernment of Bungoma. This is also geared towards enhancing the establishment of strongand effective County Public Service. The policy will provide an avenue for training in technical,managerial and leadership competencies as well as the right human capacities consistently overtime.

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