Busia County Strategic Plan 2014 2018

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Publisher County Government
Year of Publication 2014
Category Budget & Fiscal Plans
County Busia
Description The Strategic Plan is presented in five chapters and takes into account all the guidelines from Constitution of Kenya 2010 and CIDP for Busia County.
Chapter 1:- gives the background information on Busia County, the Functional area, and the policy and legal framework on which the plan will be implemented.
Chapter 2:- presents the situational analysis which includes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis, B-PESTEL, stakeholder analysis and crosscutting themes. It is recognized that all these elements have strategic implications. Each unit within the Functional area was assessed and its opportunities enlisted. The Functional area will endeavor to maximize on its strengths; eliminate its weaknesses; seize the available opportunities as it manages the threats.
Chapter 3:- describes the 2014-2018 Strategic directions which include: vision, mission, core values and strategic goal. Strategic choices are further analyzed to show how they will be achieved. Strategic objectives, strategies and key activities per unit are outlined in this chapter.
Chapter 4:- provides for the Strategic Plan implementation mechanism, the institutional framework which shows the current management structure. The roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders are defined in this chapter which also contains the partnership and coordination framework and the financial resources that would be required to implement the various activities.
Chapter 5:- provides for the monitoring and evaluation framework and proposes appropriate interventions to make sure that performance is on check. Monitoring is a continuous function in which data is collected on specified performance indicators to provide units within functional area with measures of the extent of progress and the attainment of the strategic objectives outlined. Evaluation will provide for periodic assessment of the results arising from implementation of the plan with the aim of establishing if the laid down strategic objectives are being met. A monitoring and evaluation framework has been included in this chapter as an integral part of this strategic plan to ensure that the department has timely, focused, objective and evidence based information on the performance of the various activities.
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