Communication Strategy For The Water Sector Reform Program In Kenya (Short Version)Year: 2004

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Publisher Water and Sanitation Program (WSP)
Year of Publication 2004
County All/General

...Kenyas water sector is currently undertaking reforms aimed at improving water resources management and the provision of water and sanitation services on a sustainable basis. The reforms are enshrined in the Water Act 2002 and the process is being steered by the Ministry of Water Resources Management and Development (MWRMD). The reforms are the single biggest change in the water sector since independence and have far reaching implications on the management of water resources and services provision in the country. The inclination for many citizens to regard water as a God given resource and limited information on the countrys water scarce situation are among the issues which pose serious challenges in the implementation of the reform and provision of services on a sustainable basis. The success of this and other reform programs is reliant on their being understood and supported by key stakeholders. This necessitates the establishment of mechanisms to ensure political and social support. The National Water Sector Reform Communication Strategy provides the broad framework that guides communication on the reform. It identifies key audiences and issues that need to be addressed to build the prerequisite understanding and support for the reform. The first step in evolving the strategy was to conduct desk research to ensure that all key issues would be taken into consideration. This involved reviewing key documents and case studies, and interviewing 3,000 Kenyan consumers in all eight province to identify knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding water. In addition, in-depth interviews were conducted countrywide with the leadership of the full range of sector organizations

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