Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2018
County Narok

...Chapter eleven of the constitution of Kenya, 2010 provides for devolvement of government functions to county level. The fourth Schedule of the constitution, in particular clearly sets out the distribution of functions between the National Government and the County Government. Article 220 (2) (a) of the constitution place key responsibility on the National Government in terms of prescription of the structure of the county development plans and budget. Amongst the enabling pieces of legislation contemplated in article 220(2)(a) is the County Government Act 2012. The act in Section 108 envisions a five year county integrated development plan with clear goals and objectives;an implementation plan with clear outcomes;provisions for monitoring and evaluation; and clear reporting mechanisms.Its against this backdrop that my Government presents the second generation Narok County Integrated development plan for the period 2018-2022. The plan comes hot on the heals of CIDP I which is in its final phase of implementation lasting until June, 30th2018. The plan generally gives effect to chapter eleven of the constitution and place key responsibility on the county government on service delivery to the citizens. Narok CIDP II will facilitate the development of a well-balanced system of settlements and ensure productive use of scarce resources for economic, social, ecological and other functions. The plan is a culmination of a highly consultative process that spanned public participation to the lowest level as well as stakeholder engagement. All other county plans will be premised on the CIDP.The implementation of CIDP II will build on the achievements of CIDP I (2013 -2017). Notably, food security was enhanced through provision of farm inputs subsidy. Health access was enhanced by increasing the population within less than a KM to nearest health facility by 5%. HIV/AIDS prevalence reduced by 1.3% with literacy levels increasing by 3% while transition rate of ECDE improved by 7%. An average of 3,000KM of road was graveled and graded. Through improved water infrastructure, access to clean water was increased by 30%.

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