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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2018
County Narok

...The creation of County Governments by the Constitution of Kenya 2010, is one of the most significant changes introduced to Kenyas governance framework.The Constitution spells out the functions that have been devolved to county governments under the Fourth Schedule with the objective of bringing services closer to the people and ensuring public participation in defining and charting out the development agenda at the grassroots level. The foundation for the preparation of the first Narok Municipality Integrated Development Plan is provided for in the Constitution of Kenya, 2010; the County Government Act, 2012; the Urban Areas and Cities Act, 2011(amended in 2019)and the Kenya Vision 2030 and its Medium-Term Plans.The Narok Municipality Integrated Development plan (IDEP) has been prepared with broad stakeholder participation and will guide the growth and development of the Municipality up to the year 2023.Despite its locational significance, fragile ecosystems and vast resources, Narok Municipality, need to have an approved comprehensive plan which is, up to date and strategic enough to sustainably guide exploitation of its resources,while uplifting the local renowned culture and economy. This will eliminate the major obstacles to progressive and coordinated development within the entire municipality boundary, measuring a total of692km2.Inadequate planning, geographical location and poor agricultural practices have exposed the Municipality to natural elements and calamities. These include drought and flooding, which is magnified by lack of adequate facilities for disaster prevention, response and management. Furthermore, significant service centers like Ewuaso Ngiro, Rotian, Nkareta, and Naisuya which lie within the municipality remained largely unplanned and the potential of the towns vast and rich agricultural hinterland marginally utilized. It is, therefore, with gratitude that I pay special tribute to the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development for providing the technical guidance and the Narok county Government staff for the preparation of this Plan, and all the stakeholders who participated and contributed in the plan preparation process. I want to significantly commend the people of Narok Municipality for envisioning a bright future for Narok Municipality and their willingness to foster the implementation of the Plan towards the achievement of their vision which is aligned with the vision 2030, the Agenda Four and the CIDP(2018-2022).I note that the Narok Municipality IDeP captures the existing situation in Narok Municipality and makes proposals which if implemented, will make the Municipality to be a significant hub of economic growth for the entire county and its neighboring region. The Plan recognizes that Maasai Mara Game Reserve as the jewel of Kenyan tourism and thus maximizes the locational advantage as the final significant commercial stop over on the way to the Maasai MaraGame Reserve. It proposes infrastructural development aimed at enhancing access to the Mara and diversifying tourists experience as well creating the Mara experience within the municipality thus marketing it both locally and internationally. The Plan further advocates for the

4preservation of the Maasai culture and heritage for posterity and ensures that the local community gets to benefit from the marketing and selling of their cultural experience as well as its items and curios. Through value addition of local produce, the plan proposes, inter alia, setting up of agro-based industries and modern abattoirs for value addition and expansion of markets to create jobs and improve livelihoods as well as regularization of land tenure. This will not only boost the proper utilization of resources but also promote commercial agriculture enabling farmers to create wealth and enhance prosperity. The plan gives practical and long-lasting solutions to the perennial flooding menace in Narok Municipality as well as providing for provision of facilities to enhance disaster prevention, response and management. It also advocates for enhanced education standards in the County especially at tertiary level. Some of the quick wins that will arise from the IDeP include: providing a basis for enforcing land use planning and development control, preparation of a GIS based valuation roll for local property taxation and revenue generation, preparation of annual plans and budgets, as well as providing an integrated framework for sectoral project identification, programming and coordination. Maps created as part of the planning process, will also be useful for detailed designs of all types of future infrastructural investments. In light of the above benefits, the County Government of Narok will spearhead the full implementation of this plan and make efforts to prepare integrated urban plans for other urban centers within the Municipality.In order to ensure full stakeholder participation during plan implementation, the County Government will strengthen and support the Narok Municipality (IDeP) stakeholder forum as advocated for in the Plan for effective and efficient service delivery to the citizens of Narok Municipality.
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