Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2021
County Nyamira

...The County Government of Nyamira continues to implement comprehensive programmes to uplift the welfare of the people and ensure sustainable social, economic, environmental and political development. This County Annual Development Plan (CADP) for 2021/2022 marks the Forth year of the implementation of the Second County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP), 2018/2022. The County Government of Nyamira will continue to implement comprehensive programmes targeting the Big Fouragenda of the County. The CADP therefore will focus on programmes and projects that will help meet the aspirations of the people of Nyamira County which is realization of shared development and prosperity.This County Annual Development Plan is developed pursuant to section 126 of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA),2012. The proposed priority programmes contained in the 2021/2022 Annual Development Plan in tend to meet strategic sector objectives as stated in the departmental strategic plans for 2018-2022. These strategic plans are linked with the Nyamira CIDP 2018/2022, the third Medium Term Plan(2018-2022) and the Kenya Vision2030. The implementation of the CADP is expected to stimulate economic growth and hence contribute to sustainable socio-economic development.The aim of the 2021/2022 ADP is to set the pace for faster socio-economic development and sustainable growth through efficient and effective management of public resources.To achieve the envisaged performance,the CGN will step-up investment in the socio-economic sectors and physical infrastructure. Reforms in governance,public financial management,public service and business regulation complement this ADP.Once implemented,this will enhance the Countys competitiveness to attract both domestic and foreign investors.

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