Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2018
County Tharaka-Nithi

...The County Government Act, 2012 section 104 and 105 provides that County Governments are responsible for: preparing integrated development plans; ensuring integrated planning within the county: ensuring linkages between county plans and the national planning framework; ensuring meaningful engagement of citizens in planning process; ensuring the collection, collation, storage and updating of data and information suitable for the planning processes; and ensure that no public funds shall be appropriated outside a planning framework. Public Finance Management Act, 2012 outlines the county planning framework which provides for the preparation of various kinds of plans and among them is the County Annual Development Plans (CADPs). The CADP provides the basis for implementing the CIDP and guiding resource allocation to priority projects and programmes. Further, The Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), 2012 Section 126 Sub-section one (1) requires county governments to prepare an Annual Development Plan (ADP) in accordance with Article 220 (2) of the constitution. The ADP which is submitted for approval to the county assembly not later than 1st September of each year provides for, inter alia, strategic priorities for the medium term that reflect the county governments priorities and plans; county programmes and projects to be delivered; measurable indicators of performance where feasible; and the budget allocated to the programme and projects.Sessional Paper Number 10 of 2012 on Kenya Vision 2030 is the National Policy Economic Blueprint that entrenches Kenya Vision 2030 as the long term development strategy for Kenya. Kenya Vision 2030, the countrys economic blueprint, is being actualized through five year Medium Term Plans (MTP) and County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs) which are subsequently implemented through Annual Development Plans and budgets. A number of consultations with the departments in each of the nine (9) dockets were done where they submitted their planned projects and especially projects that have not received enough financial allocation over the last four years but which remain uncompleted. Views from the public were also incorporatedinto the plan. A secretariat was formed to do the compilation of theAnnual Development Plan FY 2018/19. The resource mobilization strategies will include Automation of Revenue Collection, enactment and enforcement of the county finance bill, the County will also continually embark on building strong relations with existing and potential development partners, non-state actors and other government agencies.Some of the expected impact of the development projects and programmes earmarked for implementation for the financial year2018/19 includes.-Improved access to hard-to-reach areas which will boost the local economyby improving on trade. It is evident that cost-effective and reliable infrastructure through roads and revolutionary construction methods is synonymous with development. -Increased number of residents who can access specialized healthcare in the health facilities. This will be through scaling up the provision of specialized medical equipment, upgrading the existing health facilities to their standards and increasing the number of health facilities at the community level.-Sustainable exploitation of available resources including sustaining agricultural activities through value addition, high quality input technologies, improving market infrastructure and accessibility,capacity building ,mechanizationand modernization of agriculture,horticulture and extensive services, creating an enabling policy and legal frame work.-The establishment of home craft centres will harness development of skills. Promotion of sports through construction/rehabilitation of stadiums and increased access to pre-primary education.-Increased revenue collection after the automation of revenue collection.

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