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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2018
County Tharaka-Nithi

...The County Government Act, 2012 section 30 stipulates that a county government shallsubmit to the county assembly an annual report on the implementation status of thecounty policies and plans. Precisely, the governor shall deliver annual state of thecounty address containing such matters as may be specified in county legislation. Moreso, section 47 of the Act, the county executive committee shall design a performancemanagement plan to evaluate performance of the county public service and theimplementation of county policies. Such a plan shall provide for among others annualperformance reports. The County Annual Progress Report, C-APR focuses on efficiencyand effectiveness of programme expenditure as guided by spending directed to highestpriorities, experiences and lessons learnt to inform future public expendituredecisions covering both financial and non-financial performance against targets asinformed by set county sector indicators.This is the County Annual Progress Report is an M&E report besides the midterm andend term review reports. This is a status report that is used to communicate theposition of programmes, projects and initiatives as envisaged in the CIDP 2018-2022for the period of the Annual Development Plan 2018/19. The report shows progresstowards achieving county development priorities supported in the CIDP. This isprepared and shared on an annual basis to inform the stakeholders whether the CIDPis on track. Specifically, the report informs whether the CIDP is ahead of schedule,under budgeted, and/ or is adequately resourced.A number of consultations with the directorates across the eight sectors were donewhere they submitted their county performance programme for the 2018/19 FY

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