Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2021
County Vihiga

...This is the fourth Annual Development Plan (ADP) of the 2018-2022 CIDP. Like the previous ADPs the plan endeavors to outline the Programmes and projects the county government intends to implement during the F/Y 2021/22. The ADP will be implemented by departments through annual operation plans. The ADP will provide the benchmarks upon which the performance of the county government will be gauged. The preparation of the CADP is anchored in various statutes and regulations. The Public Finance Management Act, 2012 Section 125 provides for stages in the county budget process. The Act Outlines Key stages in the county planning and budgeting process in any financial year shall consist of, among others: integrated development planning process which shall include both long term and medium term planning; planning and establishing financial and economic priorities for the county over the medium term; and making an overall estimation of the county governments revenues and expenditures.Section 126 of the Act provides that every county government shall prepare a development plan in accordance with Article 220(2) of the Constitution, that includes: strategic priorities for the medium term that reflect the county governments priorities and plans; a description of how the county government is responding to changes in the financial and economic environment; and programmes to be delivered with details for each programme of the strategic priorities to which the programme will contribute, the services or goods to be provided; measurable indicators of performance where feasible, and the budget allocated to the programme.The County Government Act, 2012 Section 107 specifies the types and purposes of county plans. These plans include County Integrated Development Plans, County Sectoral Plans, County Spatial Plans, and Cities and Urban Area Plans. The plans shall guide, harmonize and facilitate development and shall be the basis for all budgeting and spending in a county.The fourth ADP is founded on the gains made during the implementation of the 2019/20 DP that has seen the county achieve positive strides in overall performance notably in infrastructural development, healthcare delivery systems among other sectors. Own source revenue has consistently increased until the onset COVID-19 which has drastically affected almost all revenue streams.The 2021/22 ADP endeavors to achieve the following strategic objectives; macroeconomic stability; public sector reforms and transformation;infrastructural development including road networks, water and sanitation; enhanced equity and creating opportunities for the very poor and vulnerable and. Other key priorities during the plan period will include increased access to quality early childhood education and Technical and vocational training; enhanced food security; increased access to universal healthcare; human resource development and environmental conservation.It is important to reiterate that strong efforts will be required to keep the development and socio-economic transformative momentum to 2022and beyond if we are to fully realize the benefits of devolution. Departments must design policies that will mitigate the negative effects of COVID-19 pandemic in their programme.Finally, individually and collectively we commit ourselves to the realization of the broad development agenda in the CIDP and continue working together in order to build, a just, equitable and prosperous county.

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