Devolution Working Paper 2: Basic Requirements For Public Participation In Kenyas Legal Framework

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Publisher World Bank Centre for Devolution Studies (CDS) Kenya School of Government (KSG)
Year of Publication 2015
Category Report
County All/General
Description OBJECTIVE: Kenyan policymakers have put strong emphasis on transparency, participation and accountability in the new Constitution and legal framework. This paper highlights key provisions in Kenyas legal framework to stimulate discussion on how the provisions can be converted to functioning participatory systems.

Understandably, given the pace and scale of Kenyas transition to devolved government, there are ongoing questions about roles and responsibilities of different parts of government and the role of citizens under devolution. Global experience shows that it takes time for systems to be put in place and for legal requirements to be operationalized.

??This working paper seeks to distil key provisions in the legislative framework related to transparency, accountability and participation in county government, in particular the planning and budgeting cycle, and present them in a format that is useful for county planners, executive and assembly members. It can be used as a guide for how Participation Counties can interface with citizens based on Kenyas legislative framework.

Useful resources in this working paper include:
?? Minimum requirements for transparency, accountability, and participation at the county level based on Kenyas legal framework.
A public participation checklist which can help County Governments assess whether they are on track in operationalizing legal provisions related to citizen participation in planning, public financial management and monitoring.
County budget documents and timeline for tabling in the county assembly and for release to the public.
Minimum requirements for Transparency, Accountability and Participation in the budget cycle.
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