Devolution Working Paper 5: One Year On: Review Of County Initiatives In Public Participation

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Publisher World Bank Centre for Devolution Studies (CDS) Kenya School of Government (KSG)
Year of Publication 2015
Category Report
County All/General
Description OBJECTIVE: This paper reviews initial county initiatives on public participation and possible interventions to improve the overall design and implementation of participatory systems going forward.

The roll-out of devolution has been formally underway since March 2013 when county governments were established under the 2010 Constitution. County governments have since completed the first full budget cycle (fiscal year 2013-2014), and it is useful to take stock of their progress and challenges in institutionalizing public participation in their systems and structures; especially as relates to their public financial management and planning processes. The objective of this working paper is to summarize learnings from the first year, and identify emerging practices, lessons and challenges that can inform central and county government officials, CSOs, and partners as they continue to support the implementation of devolution.

The period under review is April 2013 to June 2014, which enables observations of public engagement in preparation of the 2013-2014 county budgets (between April-June 2013) and the 2014-2015 county budgets (between September 2013-June 2014). The paper appreciates that much of what can be assessed is the process and nature of efforts towards public participation and not necessarily the outcome, although effort is made to establish any such outcomes.

This working paper is based on various sources of information, including observations from field visits and interactions with various counties, especially on capacity-building and support for public participation. It draws on several pieces of analysis and information from civil society, development partners and official reports.
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