Domestic Resource Mobilisation Baseline Report

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Publisher Oxfam in Kenya
Year of Publication 2017
County Wajir,Turkana,Nairobi
Description This baseline report states that Kenyans felt that most of their taxes did not go into delivery of quality services and that the existing tax system is not fair to everyone. Those at the bottom of society, the poor, were overly taxed yet the return on their tax was not commensurate to the public services received and poverty reduction programmes. There was an overall feeling that whilst tax revenues went up and taxes increased; both in breadth and in rates, this was not translating into desirable outcomes such as increased provisioning and improved access to quality services and goods. On the other hand, majority of people at the bottom of the society would not evade their taxes, however increasingly those in the urban areas and more educated would more likely evade paying taxes if not satisfied with the quality of services provided.
Tags Tax, domestic resources, Oxfam, survey, Public Finance


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