Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2017
County Elgeyo-Marakwet

Elgeyo Marakwet Countys (EMC) blueprint is County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP). CIDPII (2018-2022) was prepared, in adherence to the principles set in Kenyas development agenda,guided by Kenya Vision 2030, the countrys economic blue print, and The Big Four Agenda.Kenya Vision 2030 is being actualized through five-year Medium-Term Plans (MTP) and aresubsequently implemented through Annual Plans and budgets. Global considerations arefactored into the Plans as well. Specifically, the development of the plans ensuresmainstreaming of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the countys development.Financial Year, FY 2019/2020 Annual Development Plan (ADP) was prepared, guided by theabove-mentioned local and global agendas and aspirations.There are legal provisions and stipulations that formed the basis of ADPs preparation. Theseinclude constitution of Kenya 2010, County Governments Act, 2012 and the Public FinanceManagement Act, 2012, Equitable Development Act (EDA), 2015 among other legislations.Adherence to these legislations enhanced the prudent allocation of resources.The 2019/20 FY ADP sets out development priorities, which are summarized by programs andsub-programmes in the 5 sectors of EMC. The programs/projects initiatives, which were directlyidentified through citizen engagement by means of public participation, reflect the concerns ofthe county Citizens. They are anchored in CIDP II, which focuses on sectors with potential totransform the lives and empower residents for economic and social advancement.This ADP aims to improve infrastructure, without which development cannot be possible. Roadsand Transport sub-sector takes the largest share of this years budget, followed by Water,Lands, Environment and Climate Change Management. Agriculture and Irrigation sub-sector isthird in allocations. This ADP also prioritizes the vital human social sectors such as educationand health. this ADP has identified areas with growth prospects whose economic gains can spillover to other sectors and enhance economic development of the entire county. These growthprospect areas include; value addition ventures, sports related activities and enhanced tourism.Its the hope of EMC government that eventual implementation of these developmentinitiatives will lead to sustainable economic growth and enhanced socio-economic welfare ofcitizens.

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