Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2017
County Elgeyo-Marakwet

County Integrated Development Plans(CIDPs) are Plans prepared every five yearsas development master plans. They create aframework for planning, coordinated development,budgeting, effective and efficient project implementationand performance measurement. The Plan outlines thecounty situational analysis, linkages to other nationaland international plans, review of the achievementsof the immediate previous Plan, prioritized sectorprogrammes, implementation framework, resourcemobilization strategies and monitoring and evaluationframework.Elgeyo Marakwet County is one of the CountyGovernments in Kenya created under the new two-tiergovernance system, i.e. national and county systemscreated by The Constitution of Kenya, 2010. TheCounty Government started implementing its mandatesin March 2013 as per the provisions of the FourthSchedule of the Constitution which came into effectin August 2010. Agriculture, health, education, trade,infrastructure, and integrated county developmentplanning are some of the mandates that the county tookresponsibility of, immediately the Constitution wasoperationalized.In compliance with constitutional requirements andother legal provisions such as; the Public FinanceManagement, Act 2012, County Government Act,2012, Urban areas and Cities Act, 2012 amongstother legislation, the county has adopted the countyintegrated development framework in its governanceprocesses. This framework provides for the periodicpreparation of various planning documents; CountyIntegrated Development Plan (CIDPs), Spatial Plans,Urban Areas and Cities Plan, Sectoral Plans and AnnualDevelopment Plans (ADPs).In addition to guiding the achievement of the countydevelopment targets, CIDPs create platforms whichpromote harmony and alignment of developmenttargets with those of the Kenya Vision 2030, MediumTerm Plans (MTP) III, the Big Four Agenda, NationalSpatial Plan framework, Agenda 2063 of the AfricanUnion, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), andother national policies and international commitmentsThis Elgeyo Marakwet 2018-2022 CIDP is referred toas the Second Generation CIDP, being the successorof the First Generation CIDP (2013-2017), whoseimplementation started in 2013 immediately afterdevolution was operationalized following the March2013 General Elections. The first generation CIDPwitnessed a fairly successful implementation. Itentrenched devolution with its various governancepriorities and proposed structures, institutionalizedbest governance practices, while at the same timefocusing on citizen priorities which included, roadnetwork improvement, water access, health provisionand enhanced agricultural returns through subsidyprograms among other priorities.The implementation of the programmes and projectscontained in this Plan is expected to sustain the observedpoverty reduction trends that have been observed since2009. In that regard this CIDP focuses on incomeenhancement programmes. Therefore, productive andincome driven interventions have been given prioritywhile at the same time ensuring that the other prioritiesare not left behind because of our desire to achieve sectorharmony which is key to a successful transformativeagenda.The Plan will be implemented through annual rollingplans known as Annual Development Plans (ADPs).The first one covering the period 2018/19 FinancialYear (FY) will provide a basis for county performancemeasurement framework. The successful implementation of this CIDP and its annual ADPs is estimated tocost Ksh 144.01 billion, out of which Ksh 15.02 billionwill be funded internally and Ksh 128.99 billion is expected through support from development partners andPlans by the relevant National Government Agenciesover the next five years. The success of support fromthese two sources is pegged on a vibrant and innovativeresource mobilization strategies and appropriate alignment of Plans and strategies.

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