From Hazard To Convenience: Towards Better Management Of Public Toilets In The City Of NairobiYear: 2004

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Publisher Water and Sanitation Program (WSP)
Year of Publication 2004
County All/General

...To assist the NCC in addressingthis situation, the Water andSanitation Program-Africa (WSP-AF)undertook a study of therefurbishment, management, andoperation of public toilets in Ghana,Burkina Faso, Uganda, and India,and concluded that there wasconsiderable potential for privatesector participation (PSP) in PTmanagement in Nairobi. Benefitsinclude efficiency gains, improvedquality of service, and the ability toraise funds for refurbishment.Different options were consideredand two variants of a concessioncontract (build, finance, andoperate) were selected: onea fully private sector commercialoperation for toilets within thecentral business district (CBD),and the other involvingcommunity-based organizationsfrom the surrounding residentialneighborhood. The NCC acceptedthese recommendations and plansare in place (September 2003) for thecompetitive procurement of operatorsfor a small number of PTs in a pilotphase, starting with five-year contracts.

Tags from, hazard, to, convenience, towards, better, management, public, toilets, in, city, nairobiyear, 2004, From Hazard to Convenience: Towards Better Management of Public Toilets in the City of NairobiYear: 2004, Water & Sanitation


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