Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2013
County Garissa

...The promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya in 2010 ushered in a structure of government with a two-tier system: one at national and the other at county level. The role and functions of county government is stipulated in the Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and Section 5 of the County Government Act (2012). The fourth Schedule part 2 of the Constitution provides for a county planning and development function as an avenue for counties to articulate their plans. The need for county planning is further amplified and given expression under the County Governments Act, 2012 and the Urban Areas and Cities Act 2011 among other legislative provisions. The Assignment of the functions between the National and the County Government's has necessitated significant change in the county's approach to development. The forty seven counties established under the constitution of Kenya 2010 are required to configure themselves into units with capacities to translate their functions into realisable and tangible services, resources and opportunities to be enjoyed by their citizens.The County Integrated Development Plans (CIDP) are developed across the counties as a tool for County Governments to establish their programmes and articulate their development agenda and priorities. Under the CIDP counties are also able to set their respective sector objectives better than before under a pre-constitution unified national planning process. An integral fact of the CIDP is that the integrated planning approach engenders public participation in the process. This ensures that County priorities are relevant to the felt needs and that the county managers are made accountable to the citizens.The Development of the First Garissa County CIDP has therefore been undertaken as a statutory requirement. It is the primary effort by the leadership of the County Government of Garissa to address the challenges facing the county in regard to service delivery. The plan has arrived at the county priorities through a participatory process between the county leadership, stakeholders and the residents of Garissa County. The Plan has also been able to select those strategies deemed to be effective in addressing the development challenges across the county. These strategies have been carefully crafted to harness resources within and beyond the County with sufficient provisions to safeguard misapplication of the resources

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