Governance And Financing Of Water Supply And Sanitation In Ethiopia, Kenya And South AfricaYear: 2003

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Publisher Water and Sanitation Program (WSP)
Year of Publication 2003
County All/General

...This paper represents a preliminary step in the collation and evaluation of the individual country studies. It is primarily a comparative evaluation of the key features and challenges in the three countries. As a synthesis of the country reports, it is relies heavily on them for data and analysis and should be read in conjunction with these studies for a more detailed understanding of the individual country contexts and issues. Given the significant contributions made to this paper by each of these reports they are acknowledged here rather than throughout the document, unless significant paraphrasing or direct quotations are used. As such, this report is also limited by the availability of data reported in the country studies. These country studies are, in turn, first efforts at capturing the complex set of institutional and financial mechanisms that define the WSS. They have been developed during a period of rapid change in all three countries. In future years considerably more information is likely to become available.

Tags governance, and, financing, water, supply, and, sanitation, in, ethiopia, kenya, and, south, africayear, 2003, Governance and Financing of Water Supply and Sanitation in Ethiopia, Kenya and South AfricaYear: 2003, Water & Sanitation


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