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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2020
County Homa Bay

This County Fiscal Strategy Paper is the third in the countrys plan period 2018-2022. The paper provides an assessment of the economic and financial outlookof the county and foreseeable threats to that outlook. The paper thereforeproposes expenditures ceilings for all county entities and explains prospect fordeviation from provisions in the fiscal framework. The paper ultimatelyprovides the fiscal framework and explain prospect of complying with the fiscalresponsibility principles. Equally, the paper provides an analysis andexplanation of policies for revenue mobilization, expenditure prioritization anddeficit financing.The CFSP 2020 builds on the gains realized in key sectors from the early stagesof devolution but is positioned to support full achievement of objectives of theCIDP II, the Medium-Term Plan III and ultimately Kenya Vision 2030. Thefocus is on augmenting economic transformation by strengthening theframeworks for performance management and service delivery.The county fiscal focus for the FY 2020/2021 will be aligned with the nationalfiscal plans captured in the 2020 Budget Policy Statement taking into accountthe medium-term county forecasts. To this end, the County Government ofHoma Bay will work with the national government on the Big Four Agenda ofachieving food security and nutrition for all; increasing manufacturing as ashare of GDP; delivering affordable housing and; attaining universal healthcare.The fiscal framework has been arrived at with sufficient consideration of theprevailing economic realities in the County as well as the national fiscalfundamentals. The idea is to maximize the outputs of the county governmentthrough innovative and politically-smart spending.As the CEC Member in charge of Finance, Economic Planning and ServiceDelivery, I am grateful to the County Executive Committee led by H.E. theGovernor for their guidance and input during the process of developing this iidocument. My sincere gratitude also goes to Chief Officers, Directors andtechnical officers in various spending entities for their contributions. Theinvaluable effort and the significant amount of time spent by the MacroWorking Group and the CFSP secretariat led by the Director of Budget andEconomic Affairs is equally appreciated. Indeed, we value the input we receivedfrom all stake during public consultations in the spirit of Section 117 (5) of thepublic Finance Management Act, 2012 and the Constitution of Kenya (2010).

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