Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2020
County Kisumu

The 100% RE Cities and Networks Roadmap project (100% RE) started in May 2019 and is beingimplemented in Kenya, Indonesia and Argentina by ICLEI. The project is funded by theInternational Climate Initiative (IKI) of Germanys Federal Ministry for the Environment, NatureConservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). The projects aim is to:

Support cities and regions to effectively implement local climate action, by developing aroadmap towards 100% RE;

Contribute to national climate and energy targets of the Nationally DeterminedContributions (NDCs); and

Support the achievement of policy objectives including enhanced energy security,improved energy efficiency and job creation.In Kenya, the project is implemented in three counties: Kisumu, Nakuru and Mombasa counties,with Kisumu as the focal county and Nakuru and Mombasa as network counties.

This report iscompiled as part of the 100% RE project, to inform the project team and stakeholders about theexisting renewable energy projects and policies in Kisumu County, as well as the potential forvarious renewable energy technologies that can be rolled out in the county.The first chapter of this report provides an overview of Kisumu County, focusing on its climate,economy, demographic features, environmental challenges and energy access rates. The chapterprovides context of the countys situation while highlighting the aims and objectives of the 100%RE project.The second chapter provides a deep-dive into the energy generation and consumption sectors inKenya, with a special focus on Kisumu County, while looking at electricity and fuel price trends aswell as GHG emissions.Chapter 3 follows with an analysis of the policy and regulatory framework at both national andlocal level, and highlights key players in the countrys energy sector.Chapter 4 captures the RE generation potential of Kisumu County, comparing it to nationalgeneration capacity. It also identifies some current and future renewable energy projects in thecounty.Kisumu Countys energy access and RE targets are captured in Chapter 5.Chapter 6 highlights current and future energy projects in the county, as well as applicablebusiness and ownership models in the energy sector. Finally, Chapter 7 identifies enablers andbarriers to the transition to total reliance on renewable energy in Kisumu County, and proposesrecommendations for the county to consider.

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