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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2019
County Kajiado

...The 2019 County Budget and Outlook Paper (CBROP) has been prepared in accordance with the Public Finance Management (PFM) Act, 2012 Section 118. This Paper provides an analysis of the 2018/19 Financial Year (FY) and highlights the recent economic development and outlook including resource mobilization framework for the coming financial year 2020/21.The county while implementing the 2018/19FY budget adhered to the fiscal responsibility principles set out in the PFM Act, 2012 Section107(2). The countys total budget was Kshs.9.6billion where Kshs.3.8billion (39 percent) was allocated to development expenditure, Kshs.2.8billion (30 percent) to Operation and Maintenance (OM) and Kshs.3.0billion (31 percent) to Personnel Emoluments. A review of fiscal performance indicates that, actual expenditure totalled to Kshs.8.7billion representing an absorption rate of 89.5percent. Further,actual development was Kshs.2.88 billion (76 percent performance), OM was Kshs.2.73 billion (96percent performance) while Personnel Emoluments was 2.99 billion (99.7percent performance). Conversely, the county performed well in Own Source Revenue (OSR) where a total of Kshs.1.14billion was collected compared to Kshs.680million realized in 2017/18FY. Although there was a shortfall in OSR collection coupled with rising expenditure pressures, the countys fiscal performance was generally satisfactory. The county will in the next FY implement strategies/measures which will enhance revenue collection and minimize non-core expenditures. The county envisages a total budget of Kshs.9.9billion during the 2020/21FY budget. This will comprise of 66 percent equitable share, 18 percent from OSR and 10 percent conditional grants from the National Government and development partners. The County intends to reduce by half the balance brought forward to Kshs.600 million. The county while preparing the 2020/21FY budget will put emphasis on priority programmes/projects that will contribute to the realization of the countys development agenda

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