Kenya Anti Corruption Commission Annual Report (2005 2006)

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Publisher Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission
Year of Publication 2006
Category Report
County All/General
Description Corruption can be found in all walks of life. It hinders economic development, diverts investments in infrastructure, institutions and social services and also undermines efforts to achieve other country specific targets. The international community has become increasingly concerned with the problem of corruption and its negative impact on economic growth and poverty alleviation. Development partners, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and academic experts on corruption have advocated for an integrated and comprehensive approach to fighting corruption around the globe. This includes: introducing new or amended legislation aimed at reducing public officials opportunities for rent-seeking; building alliances with other governments in the struggle against corruption by signing international anti-corruption agreements; and the implementation of anti-corruption programmes.

Action against corruption is high on the global agenda. Anti-corruption efforts by the international community have led to the establishment of global and regional initiatives to fight corruption. Among them are the UN Convention against Corruption; the African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption; the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime; the UN Declaration against Corruption and Bribery in International Commercial Transactions; and the International Code of Conduct for Public Officials.
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