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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2021
County Turkana

1. This Act may be cited as the Turkana County Finance Act, 2021 andshall come into operation on such date as the County Executive Member forFinance and Planning with the concurrence of the Governor, may appoint,and any different dates may be appointed for different provisions.(2) The provisions of the Finance Act, 2021 relating to taxes seeks torepeal and re-enact the Gazette fees and charges and single businessschedules, inter alia, in order to provide for(a) The tax rates, fees and charges;(b) Widening of tax base;(c) Measure to prevent non remittance of collected revenue;(d) Tax incentives and reliefs;(e) Rationalization of inter-county taxation provisions;(f) General Anti-evasion Rule;(g) Memorandum of reasons and objects.(3) The Finance Act, 2021 seeks to prescribe the rates of taxes andcharges for the assessment year 2020/21; the rates at which taxes and othercharges will be payable during the financial year 2020/21 from properties(including land and buildings), businesses, Markets, Agricultural produce,outdoor advertisement, health services, vehicle parking, heritage sites,County parks, entertainment and extraction activities.(4) The substance of the main provisions of the Act relating to taxesand charges is explained in the following paragraphs.No. 2 Turkana County Finance 20212PART II TAXES, FEES, AND CHARGES PAYABLE AND RATESAPPLICABLETaxes, Fees and Charges5. The taxes, fees and charges set out in the charges column of theSchedule shall apply for the respective items listed in the items descriptioncolumn and at the rates set out there in.Rate of Property- TaxRates of property tax in respect of property liable to tax for theassessment year 2020-216. (1) In respect of properties of all categories of owners liable to taxfor the assessment year 2the rates of property tax have been specified inPart X of the first schedule to the Act.(2) These are the same as those laid down in the valuation roll in forceat the date of this Act for the purposes of computation of property tax due.Penalties on outstanding rates7. Penalties shall be levied in respect of property liable to tax for theassessment year 2020-21, in the following cases(a) in the case of a property having total outstanding rates at the turnof the calendar year the amount of property tax computed shall beincreased by a penalty calculated at 3% cumulative per month;(b) in the case of properties, owned by national government theproperty- tax computed, in this case the contribution in lieu ofrates outstanding shall be increased by a penalty of 3% for thepurpose of such property tax:However, marginal relief shall be allowed in cases where the amountis cleared by the turn of the year to ensure that annual amount of the propertytax payable does not accrue penalties until after 31st of march in eachcalendar year.(c) further, in the case of every property with a registered title deedtotal property tax under this section (herein referred to as propertytax) and where such properties having been registered for morethan seven years preceding the year of notification, marginalrelief shall be provided to exclude any charges beyond sevenyears.

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