Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2020
County Bungoma

WMunicipality and the support currently

being received from the National Government

and the World Bank

through the Kenya Urban Support

Programme (KUSP), exciting plans and

multi-million shillings investments are

envisaged to revitalize town capitalizing

on the its position at the heart of the

Countys Food and Agri-business zone.

This Kimilili Municipality Integrated

Development Plan (KIMIDEP) aims to bring

the whole community together to make

Kimilili a place that is brimming with culture,

enterprise and opportunity; a place where

people want to live, work, play, study and do

business; a municipality where those in the

greatest need are valued and supported; a

place that people will be proud to call home.

The plan covers the themes of:

Destination Kimilili

Themes Community and


As the Town at the heart of Bungoma

Countys Agri-convergence zone, it

promises to be the desired investment

destination for agro-based enterprises and

institutions, bringing the efforts of farmers,

producers, food industry players,

government and entire supply chain

immense opportunities for prosperity. The

town is on its way to becoming a leading

hub for agri-business and renewable energy

industries that power the food sector, and

other engines of economic transformation

that are bound to emerge and grow.

Destination Kimilili

The Towns proud heritage, its role as the

host of Kenyas education giants Friends

School Kamusinga and the multi-million-

shillings investments now being delivered in

our social and economic infrastructure via

Kenya Urban Support Programme, are major

steps towards realizing its long-term ambition

to become a world-class investor and visitor


Community & Opportunity

Kimilili Town aims to be a place of

opportunity designed to build strong,

resilient communities by focusing on:

safeguarding the most vulnerable with

provision of early interventions and making

financial and non-financial resources

circulate and make meaningful changes in

peoples lives.

We note the enormity of the task ahead

but also acknowledge the support from all

our stakeholders that give us the capacity to

provide quality urban services and aspire to

take bold decisions that will make us the

best municipality in terms of investments

and quality of life.

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