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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2018
County Kisii

The Government of Kenya developed a National Capacity Building Framework NCBF, in 2013 to guide the implementation of its capacity building support for countygovernments. The program is a key part of the governments Kenya Devolution SupportProgram - KDSP supported by the World Bank. The NCBF-MTI spans Public FinanceManagement, Planning and Monitoring &Evaluation, Human Resource Management,Devolution, and Inter-Governmental Relations and Public Participation.The Ministry of Devolution and ASAL (MoDA), State Department of Devolutionsubsequently commissioned Prestige Management Solutions to carry out an AnnualCapacity and Performance Assessment (ACPA) for all forty-seven counties. Theimplementation of NCBF is supported by both the national government anddevelopment partners including the World Bank.The ACPA is a determinant for the Counties that comply with Minimum AccessCondition, Minimum Performance Condition and Performance Measures. The ACPACore Result areas of Assessment are Public Finance Management; Human ResourceManagement; Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation; Civic Education & PublicParticipation and Investment implementation, Social &Environmental Performance.In preparation for the assessment process, MoDA carried sensitization training for theassessment teams for them to acquaint themselves with the ACPA process and the toolsfor undertaking this important task. This was followed by pilot testing that wasundertaken in four selected counties of Mombasa, Nyeri, Isiolo, and Bungoma.This report documents the key issues that arose during the 2018 ACPA assessment ofthe County Government of Kisii. The report captures the assessment process, the Keyachievements and scores in three key areas namely Minimum Access Conditions (MAC),Minimum Performance Conditions (MPC) and Performance Measures (PM. The reportalso includes key challenges, weaknesses, and lessons learned.

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