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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2020
County Kisii

ICT standards provide comprehensive and rigorous approaches to managing the complexities of ICT systems. The application of ICT has enabled the transformation and automation of operations and services, enabling improvements in performance and quality of service. However, the quick and constant evolution of products can negatively impact the stability of business processes. Standards support the unification of practices and set acceptable limits on technologies employed by an organization to mitigate such risks.ICT standards can be characterized in the following ways:i. Solutions standards specify the types of ICT products that can be used (according to manufacturer, version, platform or other defining characteristics), as well as the process by which these standardized products are acquired.ii. Configuration standards specify the way selected devices, software and applications are installed and configured.iii. Utilization standards specify the applicability of a given ICT product (or set of products) to a demonstrated, stated operational need, forming the basis of ICT planning, procurement and product selection recommendations.The standards outlined in this document are aimed at supporting the Kisii County Government in the application of systematic and consistent ICT practices, and providing a general framework for the application of the standards across the County.By planning and applying the right set of standards, the Kisii County Government can realize several benefits across a broad spectrum. These include, but are not limited to:i. With a focus on a specific set of ICT products, end users will have the opportunity to develop in-depth product expertise to enhance operational productivity and maximize technology utilization.ii. By limiting the variety of ICT products in use, ICT departments can better test and manage product compatibility, thereby reducing the number of platform conflict problems.iii. Standardization can lower ICT acquisition costs through volume purchasing, bringing discounted pricing, as well as greater leverage to negotiate more favourable maintenance and training contracts.iv. Standardization can minimize risks associated with uncontrolled technology portfolio, facilitating disaster recovery planning, software licensing management and security management

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