Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2019
County Kisii

The successful completion of the preparation of the County IntegratedDevelopment Plan (CIDP) which is the Countys blue print thatoutlines policies, projects and programmes that the County iscommitted to implement during 2018-2022, marks a critical milestonefor the County in realization not only of its vision of prosperity for all,but also the aspiration of Vision 2030.In my first term in office as Governor, we prepared the first CIDP(2013-2017) after holding consultative meetings across the County.There was a general feeling of neglect and marginalization of citizensby the former centralized government structures. The County wascharacterized by: high poverty levels; poor infrastructure; low industrial base and decliningagricultural productivity.Implementation of the first CIDP experienced numerous challenges ranging from developmental tooperational as most of the structures put in place were nascent in nature. The noticeable challengesincluded: inadequate public land for construction of public amenities; higher expectation from thepublic; delays in disbursement of funds from the National Treasury resulting to accumulation ofbills; unmet local revenue leading to cancelation of some projects. Despite all these, we managed toachieve much that has led to substantial transformation in the County. This Plan, therefore, relies onthe achievements and lessons learnt from the first CIDP.Integrated development planning is defined as a process through which efforts at national anddevolved levels of government, other relevant public institutions and development partners arecoordinated at various levels. Through this process, economic, social, environmental, legal andspatial aspects of development are brought together to produce a plan that meets the needs andtargets set for the benefit of local communities for poverty reduction and sustainable development.The identification of projects and programmes in this CIDP was through various consultative forumsat the sub-county level; community dialogues; county stakeholders, such as the County Budget andEconomic Forum, and government departments both at National and County levels. It is my hopethat the increased participation by a wide cross section of the people during identification, planning,implementation and monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes will help in executionand sustainability of projects for sustainable development.I urge all stakeholders to dutifully carry ou their responsibilities so that through our combinedsynergies the residents of Kisii County can enjoy the full fruits of devolution.

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