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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2018
County Kisii

This Fifth Annual Progress Report on the implementation of the County IntegratedDevelopment Plan (2013-2017) for Kisii County Government presents achievements madeduring the fourth year of implementation of the CIDP.As aptly articulated; the KisiiGovernment CIDP seeks to be a prosperous county with high quality of life for its citizens.This aspiration is built on the framework of the County priorities.The preparation of the APR gives us an opportunity to review and make changes to policies,strategies, indicators and targets that have been set since it provides an overview of thefollowing years policy intentions particularly as reflected in the county annual budget.The CIDP focussed on improving the Kisii County economy. Implementation of the CIDP isfirmly in progress. Most of the projects and programmes contained in the CIDP (2013-2017)have either been implemented in the previous fiscal years or are in the process ofimplementation in the current fiscal year and subsequent ones. Mixed results have beenrealized. While actual performance in some areas were below the targets, some areassurpassed the fifth year targets .The below targets has been explained by policy, legal andinstitutional challenges. The challenges have mostly been in regard to project and programmeexecution, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of progress.It is my sincere hope and expectation that all county departments and other stakeholders inthe county development arena will use the findings in this report to both gauge theirperformance in implementation of the CIDP and also make the necessary adjustments indevelopment projects and programmes. Through these efforts, we will achieve better resultsand improve lives of our people since the County government realizes that it is only throughthis that the social contract between it and the Kisii County residents for improved socialwelfare can be achieved.I therefore wish to call upon all the Kisii County residents to safeguard our achievements andcontinue to look ahead with confidence. This by no means requires building on our strengths,addressing areas of concern, and working harder and smarter.

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