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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2016
County Kisii

The Kisii County 2016/2017 Fiscal Strategy Paper sets out the framework for the preparation ofthe 2016/2017 budget as a requirement under Section 117 of the Public Finance ManagementAct, 2012. It articulates economic policies and structural reforms as well as sector basedexpenditure programs that the County intends to implement in line with the Annual DevelopmentPlan 2015 in realization of the Kisii County Integrated Development Plan 2013-2017.In compliance with the mandate bestowed on the County governments by the Constitution, KisiiCounty Government is dedicated to prudently utilizing the available resources and enhancingfiscal discipline so as improve the living standards of its residents. The County Government willfocus in this Fiscal Strategy Paper and in the Medium Term to expand and maintaininfrastructure development specifically roads network, improve health care, increase waterreticulation and/ or environmental preservation, enhance social protection, increase employmentopportunities and reduce poverty levels in the County.This Fiscal Strategy Paper articulates economic policies and structural reforms as well as sectorbased expenditure programmes that the County intends to implement in order to achieve thebroad goal of its development agenda of employment creation and poverty reduction. Inparticular, it emphasizes continued shift of resources in favour of programmes that enhancegrowth and job creation, and to support stronger private sector investment in pursuit of newopportunities in a changing economic environment.

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