Kisumu National Energy Situational And Stakeholder Analysis KENYA

Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2018
County Kisumu

Kenya is a country located in the east of Africa, bordered by Somalia (to the east), Ethiopia (to thenorth), Uganda (to the west) and Tanzania (to the south), with its south-eastern border on theIndian Ocean. It covers an area of about 569,000 square kilometres1, most of which (80%) isconsidered either arid or semi-arid (ASAL)2. The main spoken languages are Swahili and English.While Kenya has the largest economy in East Africa, the country faces challenges of lowinfrastructure levels and other developmental issues.Kenyas primary economic industries include agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, manufacturing,energy, tourism, and financial services. The economy is the fifth largest in sub-Saharan Africa, butis classified as a newly industrialised, lower middle-income country with a gross domestic product(GDP) of $85 billion (2018).3 However, the country aspires to be a newly industrialised middleincome country by 2030, as set out in its development blueprint, Vision 2030. Developmentalchallenges remain and a large proportion (45%) of the population continues to live below thepoverty line.4With an economy heavily reliant on rain-fed agriculture, Kenya is extremely vulnerable todroughts, exacerbated by climate change and variability. According to the World Bank, povertyand vulnerability to climate change remain the most critical development challenges facing Kenya.

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