Machakos County Integrated Development Plan 2015.

Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2015
County Machakos

On 27th August 2010, Kenya promulgated a new constitution which ushered in a new systemof national governance framework. This system introduced a devolved system ofgovernment through the creation of 47 County governments. In view of the creation of thecounties, certain functions where devolved from the central government to the Countygovernment. The Fourth Schedule of the Constitution clearly sets out the distribution offunctions between the national government and the County governments. In particular Part 2of the Schedule sets out fourteen functions of the County governments. These functionsinclude, agriculture, County health services, control of air pollution, noise pollution, otherpublic nuisances, outdoor advertising, cultural activities, public entertainment, publicamenities, County transport, animal control and welfare; trade development and regulation;County planning and development, preprimary education, village polytechnics home craftcenters , childcare facilities, implementation of specific national government policies onnatural resources and environmental conservation, County public works and services,firefighting services and disaster management; control of drugs and pornography and lastlyensuring and coordinating the participation of communities and locations in governance atthe local level and assisting communities and locations to develop the administrativecapacities for the effective exercise of the functions and powers and participation ingovernance at the local level. Under the Constitution of Kenya 2010, National and CountyGovernments are distinct but interdependent.It is upon the basis of the devolved function on county planning and development asenvisage in Constitution that this County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) has beendeveloped. This County Integrated Development Plan has taken into account the provisionsof the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Vision 2030 which is Kenyas development blue printread together with its Medium Term Plans, the Machakos County Development Profile(MCDP) and the Machakos Governors manifesto. This County Integrated DevelopmentPlan gives priority to the local socio-economic development issues and sets out a targeteddevelopment plan. The development plans aims at tackling the basics of life within theCounty and actualizing the Mandeleo Chap Chap ideology.The County Government structure comprises of the Governor, County Executive Committeeand County Assembly. The County Executive Committee has two key responsibilitieswhich are supervising the administration and delivery of services to citizens and theconceptualization and implementation of policies and County legislation. The CountyAssembly being the legislative organ plays an oversight role on all County publicinstitutions including the urban areas and cities.To give effect to devolution, the national government has since enacted several laws. Someof the laws include the Basic Education Act No. 14 of 2013, Constituencies DevelopmentFund Act No. 30 of 2013, The County Allocation of Revenue Act 2013, CountyMachakos County Integrated Development Plan, 2015 xiiiGovernments Public Finance Management Transition Act, Division of Revenue Act No. 31of 2013, Intergovernmental Relations Act No. 2 of 2013, National Government Coordination Act No 1 of 2013, Transition County Allocation of Revenue Act No. 6 of 2913,Transition to Devolved Government Act No. 1 of 2012 and Urban Areas and Cities Act No.13 of 2011. All these laws support the actualization and implementation of the differentaspects of devolution.The development projects and programmes identified in this CIDP were identified throughvarious consultative forums at sub county and ward level. A variety of stakeholders whereconsulted through development committees, County Consultative Forum and publicconsultations during the County budget making process. During the stakeholdersconsultations, the there was a wide participation of people involved in the identification,planning, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes. Thewide participation will significantly influence the public participation in the actualimplementation of the projects and programmes. This in retrospect has definitelyempowered the citizens of Machakos County to exercise their democratic rights so as torealize social, political and economic development.

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