Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2018
County Makueni

The Budget Implementation Report highlights progress made in implementation of the Makueni CountyGovernment for the first quarter for Financial Year 2018/19, ending 30th September 2018. It alsopresents key challenges that faced budget implementation during the reporting period and appropriaterecommendations to overcome these challenges.The County Government total budget for FY 2018/19 is Kshs 8,925,859,714.00 with recurrent budgetbeing Kshs 5,619,530,098.00 and Development Budget being Kshs 3,306,329,616.00 representing 63per cent and 37 per cent respectively. The Budget is the first to implement the second generation CIDP2018 2022 and is anchored on the County Government agenda of economic empowerment forsutainable livelihoods.The FY 2018/19 Budget is funded from four main sources which include equitable share 80 per cent(Kshs 7,127,800,000.00), donor and grants 8 per cent (Kshs 739,385,188.00), own source revenue 7 percent (Kshs 620,000,000.00) and conditional allocations 5 per cent (Kshs 438,674,526.00).During the first quarter for FY 2018/19, the County Government received 5 per cent and 23 Per cent ofthe equitable share and donor and grants respectively. The Government has mobilised 12% of the ownsource revenues and no disbursemnets have been made for the conditional allocations. The totalexpenditure for the first quarter amounts to Kshs 1,015,612,996 out of which Ksh 851,339,006represents salaries expenditure and Kshs. 164,273,990 represents Operation & Maintenance. Therewere no development expenditures.The overall first quarter absorption rate for the County Government is 11 per cent. The recurrentabsorption rate stands at 18%.

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