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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2017
County Makueni

The 2017 Makueni County CFSP sets out broad strategic priorities and policy goalsthat will guide the County Government in preparing the FY 2017/18 Budget. Thebroad focus of the paper is for wealth creation for socio-economic transformation asoutlined in Vision 2025.The paper anchors development on the three Pillars identified in the Vision. Theimplementation of the programmes will be undertaken through the key strategicsectors which are expected to trigger development in other related sectors. Keystrategic interventions per pillar include;Economic Pillar; Enhancing extension services, value chain development with afocus on dairy, fruit and grain; urban development focusing on establishing therequisite infrastructure in the county urban areas; improvement in roadinfrastructure and investment in energy distribution.Social Pillar; Enhancing access to universal health care programme, equippinghealth facilities with adequate staff and adequate diagnostic capacity, investment inCTTI and ECDE infrastructure; enhancing social protection for the vulnerable in thesociety; water harvesting and distribution focusing on sub surface water andenvironmental conservation & climate change mitigation measures aimed atachieving sustainable and resilient livelihoods.Political Pillar; Entrenching governance and service delivery mechanisms.The paper has been prepared on the basis of the strategic interventions identified inthe 2016 ADP, Vision 2025 and UN SDGs.

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