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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2013
County Makueni

The Kenya Constitution, 2010, provides for two distinct and interdependent levels ofgovernment the national and the county governments. The County Government Act,2012 states that each county shall prepare a County Integrated Development Plan(CIDP) which shall be the basis for all budgeting and spending of public funds. It alsostates that a county government shall plan for the county and no public funds shall beappropriated outside a planning framework developed by the county executivecommittee and approved by the county assembly.The annual development plan elaborates the implementation of the CIDP in 5 phasedannual implementation plans. This is the first annual development plan for the county.The Plan is divided into three chapters as follows;Chapter one provides the background description of the County in terms of its area,administrative locations, main physical features, settlement patterns as well assummary of data essential for making informed decisions while planning fordevelopment.Chapter Two provides a review of the County as well as insights into the majordevelopment challenges facing the County and cross cutting issues to be addressedduring the year.Chapter Three forms the core of the plan and is prepared along the lines of the Countydepartments. It indicates priorities, strategies, programmes and projects proposed toovercome the development challenges identified in chapter two.

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