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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2017
County Makueni

The County Government Act (2012) requires each county to prepare a five year CountyIntegrated Development Plan (CIDP) which forms the basis for all county budgeting andspending of public funds. The Act provides that no public funds should be appropriated outsidea planning framework developed by the County executive and approved by a County Assembly.The framework is implemented through a series of Annual Development Plans (ADPs) pursuantto section 126 of the Public Finance Management Act (2012).This is the last ADP to implement the first Makueni CIDP 2013-2017. The preparation took areflection on the achievements under development programme since 2013. The objective ofthe ADP is to continue implementing programmes identified by the CIDP to ensure achievementof development goals as envisioned therein. The plan also made reference to Makueni CountyVision 2025 and other national and international policy documents key among them being theKenya Vision 2030 and the United Nations SDGs.The process of its formulation was highly consultative as provided for in the CountyGovernments Act, 2012. Various consultative forums were organized at the County, SubCounty, Urban areas and Sub Ward levels to identify the development priorities andinterventions.The ADP provides comprehensive guidelines in budgeting, project funding, monitoring andevaluation of all the projects for the 2017/2018 financial year. The plan forms the basis forpreparing the 2017 County Fiscal Strategy and the subsequent county budget. The Governmentstrategic focus will therefore be guided by this plan to ensure strong linkage between planningand budgeting and facilitate partnerships and collaborations with the National Government andother stakeholders.

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