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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2019
County Makueni

The Makueni County Budget Review and Outlook Paper (CBROP) 2019 is preparedaccording to the Public Financial Management Act, 2012. The paper reviews the budgetperformance for FY 2018/19 with regard to the revenues and expenditures and also outlinesthe broad outlook for the development agenda for FY 2020/21. The paper also highlights thenational and economic performance indicating fiscal projections and factors that maydetermine County performance in relation to projected funding and programmes in theCounty. The fiscal projections have been used to formulate the base sector ceilings that willguide the sector working groups in preparing the sector working reports and subsequentlyinform the setting of ceilings in the 2020 County Fiscal Strategy Paper.The implementation of the FY 2018/19 budget progressed well despite the lower thanexpected revenue performance and lower absorption of expenditures particularlydevelopment funds. The issue of low absorption remains a top priority of the Governmentand the Government will continue to strengthen budget implementation monitoringframework to ensure that all spending units strictly adhere to the budgets provided.The fiscal performance for the FY 2018/19 budget was generally satisfactory despite therevenue shortfalls. The total performance mobilized in the year recorded an increase of 10%from the FY 2017/18 performance. The overall expenditure performance increased fromKshs. 7,605,443,436.45 in FY 2017/18 to Kshs. 8,612,260,180.00 in FY 2018/19. In FY2020/21 the projected revenues will be Kshs. 9,512,609,939.00. 35 Per cent of the revenueswill be channeled towards development programmes /initiatives in the county.So far, the budget implementation for FY 2019/20 has picked up slowly and we expect this toimprove during the remainder of the financial year. As we prepare for the FY 2020/21budget, emphasis will be on integrated community development for increased householdincome and empowerment opportunities for the youth. The overall development frameworkwill be anchored on five broad pillars namely; integrated community development,establishing the village clusters as the planning and implementation units, utilizing CTTIs asvehicles of community empowerment, strengthening cooperatives for economicempowerment and youth empowerment.In preparation of Budget for FY 2020/21, Sector Working Groups will be required to prepareprogramme concept notes demonstrating delivery of the envisaged objectives as spelt out inthe 2020/21 Annual Development Plan. The concept papers should justify relevance, costeffectiveness and efficacy of the proposed programmes/projects and should demonstrateinterlinkage between sectors and the envisaged outcomes as outlined in the 2020/21 ADP.I call upon all to adhere to the schedule of activities and timelines as outlined in the Budgetcircular to enable finalization and appropriation of the FY 2020/21 budget.

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