Makueni County Department Of Devolution, County Administration, Public Service And Youth

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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2020
County Makueni

Like society itself, policies undergo continual changes in order to remain relevant andresponsive to the changing times as no given situation, circumstance and/or variable remainsstatic. Therefore, it becomes necessary for Government and all stakeholders to identifyemerging needs and provide the requisite agenda for intervention in order to satisfy thoseneeds.The Makueni County Youth Policy (2019) is the first framework formulated since the inceptionof the County Governments. However, much progress has been made in various quarters ofthe Youth sector but much need to be done as well. Young people need to begin to takeownership and participate fully in national and county development.Youth are a priority of the County Government as they will continue to be the engine of growthand prosperity of our County, in recognition that they form the largest cohort of our population.For this reason, the Government of Makueni County will not relent in its efforts to give thesector the maximum attention it deserves. The policy focus on key sectors for better resultsand also recognizes Youth employment creation as a growing challenge and also attempts toprovoke other County Departments with the opportunity to restructure and realign theirimplementation, coordination and monitoring mechanisms for effective service delivery to theyouth. Clearly, now, more than ever before, is the time to collectively nurture, horn andproactively redirect the enterprising efforts of the Youth into the productive base of the Nationaland County economies for rapid socio-economic development.It is my hope therefore, that the policy is a reflection as much as possible of what the Youthwant and I challenge County and its stakeholders to mobilize all their energies towards therealization of the Policy objectives. Opportunities created by the County Government areabound and it is hoped that the Youth will optimally utilize them for self, county and nationaldevelopment. In the same token, I urge our various development partners, private sector, civilsociety and all other stakeholders in general to continue to deepen their interventions insupport of the Youth particularly in the a s of employment creation and skills training anddevelopment. The policy is indeed a complement to our development drive as we moveforward in unison to transform Makueni into a dynamic high-income County as articulated inour Makueni Vision 2025 blue print.

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