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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2017
County Makueni

The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 requires measures to be undertaken to ensure the youth andwomen access relevant education and training, have opportunities to participate in political,social, economic activities and access to employment. It is evident that working with organizedgroups ensures that development trickles down to communities and villages.The Government of Makueni County recognizes community groups social power forsustainable and meaningful development. Majority of the organized groups - welfare groups,funeral associations, merry-go-rounds, adult literacy groups, farmers cooperatives, self-helpgroups , CBOs and table banking groups have the potential to solve community developmentproblem. It is evident that groups and specifically womens groups have played a key role incommunity development since the pre-colonial period in Kenya. For instance, through thewomens Mwethya, groups are able to play significant role in community based developmentactivities which are very broad and complex.The purpose of the Group Mapping exercise was to; develop a database of all the existingorganized groups, to find out the challenges facing the groups, to establish the economicactivities the groups are engaged in and to establish the support the groups have benefitedfrom the National and County Government. The exercise targeted all groups of women, men,youth and welfare associations.The study found out that majority of the groups (67%) were formed in the last five years andover 70% of the groups registered with the national government , Ministry of East Africacommunity, Labor and Social Protection. Over 60% of the groups are involved in productiveeconomic activities such as table banking, crop and livestock farming with the rest involved insocial welfare activities.The major challenges facing the groups include; inadequate training on the different activities,livestock and crop pests and diseases, inadequate market for the farm produce, lack ofmanagerial skills and information.To address the challenges, the government commits to transform the engagement and supportto the groups through three pillars namely; capacity development and training, economicempowerment and social protection. These components will transform the approach towardsthe groups and empowerment and realization of Makueni Vision 2025.

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