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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2021
County Makueni

The 2021 County Fiscal Strategy Paper is the 8th to be prepared by the County Government.The paper outlines the development framework for the FY 2021/22-FY 2023/24 MTEFPeriod.The FY 2021/22 budget will be geared towards stimulating the growth of the local economyafter the negative effects of COVID 19 pandemic. The budget theme will be enhancingcommunity driven development for enhanced prosperity and will be guided by eightprinciples; Equity in development; completion of all ongoing projects; community-leddevelopment; community volunteerism in development (Mwethya wa Maendeeyo); countydevelopment post-COVID-19 pandemic; livelihood/employment guarantee scheme anduniversal water coverage.The Development framework advances achievement of the outcomes envisaged under thecountys thematic areas; water resource management; product development and processing;socio-economic development; lands and urban development and institutional capacity andstrengthening.The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the county performance in own source revenues, assuch, the available fiscal space in FY 2020/21 is constrained and will have an effect in thebudgeting for FY 2021/22. The interventions and programs in the 2021 CFSP and the ceilingsthereof, have critically been analyzed and evaluated to ensure achievement of results andenvisaged development outcomes amidst the constrained resources.The proposed interventions will leverage on the interventions of the Post COVID-19Economic Recovery Strategy (ERS) which will mitigate the adverse impacts of the Pandemicon the economy and further re-position the economy on a steady and sustainable growthtrajectory.In the FY 2021/22 the county targets to mobilise Kshs 9,461,295,153.00 which is reductionof Kshs 246M from Kshs 9,707,192,437.00 (3 percent) in the FY 2020/21 Budget. Thereduction has been occasioned by the reduction in he projected Own Source Revenuecollections based on the past performance trends. The FY 2021/22 will be funded from threemain sources; Equitable share 86 Percent, conditional allocations, loans and grants 8percent and county generated revenues 6 PercentAs we translate to the budget for FY 2021/22, sectors will be required to align their proposalsbased on the eight key principles and support the development outcomes envisaged in thisCounty Fiscal Strategy Paper. In this regard, all sectors should ensure their program-basedbudgets are supported with the concept notes and expenditures are outcomes oriented.Going forward, with the reduced projected growth in equitable share and conditionalallocations, loans and grants, more emphasis will be done to enhance our resourcemobilization strategy in the medium term. This will be effected through setting up requiredpolicies and laws to support PPP investments and develop partnership with developmentpartners to realize the Vision 2025 agenda for socio economic transformation.

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