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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2015
County Makueni

The Makueni 2015 County Fiscal Strategy Paper is the second to be prepared and reaffirms thebroad policies and strategies in the 2014 CFSP. The CFSP sets out the priorities of the County inthe medium term as outlined in the County Integrated Development Plan (2013-2017), alignedwith the Second Medium Term Plan of the Vision 2030 and the County Governmentstransformational agenda .The fiscal strategy paper recognizes the reality of scarce resource and the fact that there is needto invest on high impact programmes within a framework of sustainable development. Thecounty faces many challenges among them poor infrastructure, water resources, access tohealthcare, poor road network, environmental degradation market access, unemployment,insecurity among others. To address this challenges the government presents this fiscal strategypaper on the basis of laying a solid foundation for faster socio-economic development andsustainable growth.The CFSP outlines the key government interventions in the next fiscal year. The emphasis will beon allocating resources to programs that support the County Governments agenda of socioeconomic transformation. Emphasis would be geared towards improving the living standard ofMakueni Citizenry through ensuring each household earns at least Kshs 500/day; reduce theabsolute poverty by 26% by 2017; reduce the social inequalities and reduce youth and womenun-employment

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