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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2019
County Makueni

The 2019 Makueni County Fiscal Strategy Paper (CFSP) sets the County Governmentpriority programs to be implemented through the medium term period 2019/20 2021/22.The programs and policies herein reflect the concerns of the Makueni Citizenry and areanchored under the CIDP 2018-2022 and the 2019/20 Annual Development Plan.The focus of development for FY 2019/20 is community economic empowerment forincreased household income. All County Government entities and departments will berequired to demonstrate how their programmes will realize the set agenda and the envisagedoutcomes. The objective will be to assign resources to the development results within themedium term framework.The development framework for FY 2019/20 is clustered into five key thematic areas toprovide an all-county approach to development and allocation based on thematic areas thatlink sectoral priorities to the overall county development goals. The thematic areas have beenaligned to the National Government Big four priorities on manufacturing, affordable housing,universal health coverage and food security.The thematic areas include; a) community economic empowerment, b) water resourcemanagement c) lands, urban planning and development, d) socio-economic development ande) enablers (infrastructure, cooperatives, financial infrastructure, energy, ICT, institutionalcapacity, market infrastructure)The targeted expenditures will prioritize on agricultural production and commercialization,access to water, disadvantaged groups economic empowerment and secure land tenure andurbanization. Key main areas of focus include; food security; water development; urbanplanning and development; universal health care; ENE microfinance; Youth, women andPWD economic empowerment; ward funding and completion of pending/ongoing projects.To implement these key result areas, the Government will develop a robust resourcemobilization strategy that will involve building partnerships with private partners,development partners, community driven development and the national government. Thesector ceilings in this CFSP have been based on the expenditure priorities that are aligned tothe five thematic areas.

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