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Publisher Council of Governors (CoG)
Year of Publication 2020
County Makueni

The Makueni County Health Policy, 20202030 aims to ensure improvement of the health status in MakueniCounty in line with the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Kenya Vision 2030, the Makueni Vision 2025 andCIDP 2018-2022. The policy demonstrates the health sectors commitment to ensure that the CountyGovernment achieves high quality healthcare that will cater to the needs of the population.Over the past four years, Makueni County has recorded positive progress in the health sector with theintroduction of the universal health coverage (UHC) program. This has led to an increase in the number ofcitizens within the county being able to access a wide range of services in all health facilities. One of themajor lessons coming from this success is the need for the county to build a resilient healthcare system thatwill improve access to healthcare in a sustainable manner.This policy is coming at an opportune time when there is continued re-commitment from the nationalgovernment and worldwide support for the attainment of universal health care. It focuses on ensuring thedelivery of quality healthcare services and embraces the principles of protection of the rights andfundamental freedoms of persons of special groups in the communities such as the right to health ofchildren, persons with disabilities, youth, and older members of the society, in accordance with the 2010Constitution. The policy also provides direction to support successes already achieved so as to improve theperformance of the Makueni Healthcare system.The policy focuses on six objectives and strategies essential in attaining the countys goals in health. Itproposes a comprehensive and innovative approach to harness and synergize health services delivery at alllevels and engaging all actors, signaling a radical departure from past approaches in addressing the healthagenda. There is therefore, need to raise awareness and ensure that the objectives of this policy areunderstood and fully owned by the various stakeholders and implementing partners.The policy was developed through comprehensive desk review by a technical team and a participatoryprocess involving all stakeholders in health including government departments, clients, developmentpartners and implementing partners. The detailed objectives and strategies will be elaborated in subsequentfive-year strategic and investment plans.It is my hope that all the actors in health in Makueni County will closely collaborate with the relevantauthorities in health in the implementation of this policy to steer the county towards the desired health goals.

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